Kotelett is the German word for cutlet.

Because sharing is healing

Kotelett is a conceptual art project with the goal of forwarding half of all proceeds from the sale of the works as donations to organizations that work against hunger and poverty in the world.

Sharing is healing – 8’888 works were created from this idea.

Each work is unique: marked with a unique number and the artist’s signature.

Take part now and do good!

Buy one or more works from the series “Cutlet” and provide food for people in need – people who do not have it as comfortable as we do.

Yes, the check/receipt of the donation transfer that will be sent to the relief organizations will also be offered as an NFT to bid on.

Since the project is quite large, it will be uploaded and offered in three parts on OpenSea.

Chop in three parts

Part 1:
Works from 0001 to 0353 (and all thousand steps) – available now.

Part 2:
Works from 0354 to 0700 (and all thousand steps) – available mid-December 2021.

Part 3:
Works from 0701 to 0888 (and all thousand steps) – available from end of December 2021


8888 works as NFT in auction. The proceeds will be shared with organizations working against hunger in the world.


Work number from 0001 to 8888 from 8888, numbered consecutively with signature.