Upside down is ok, Raphael Dudler

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Upside down is ok

Georg Baselitz has been painting his motifs upside down since 1969, which helped him achieve a breakthrough and makes his works unmistakable to this day.

Uprising by standing on his head. Painting motifs upside down became his trademark. Georg Baselitz is less concerned with the recognition effect than with showing the world as he experienced it: as an upside-down one.

I created a small PFP NFT series showing all the subjects upside down as well. Less to copy Georg Baselitz about but much more as a tribute to his work.

To my knowledge, I am the first NFT artist who offers his works upside down.

Upside down is ok - pfpNFT, The Creator #07 - Raphael Dudler
Upside down is ok - pfpNFT Collection at Opensea by Raphael Dudler