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recommendet by Swiss NFT Artist & Collector Raphael Dudler

Let yourself be inspired by NFT art!

Many of us know a handful of famous NFTs. NFT projects that have not only gone down in history but have also generated astronomical trading volumes and still do.
What about the other NFT projects? Are they useless and poorly created JPGs? Or are there real treasures slumbering in the infinite expanses of the blockchain that are yet to be discovered?
And how many NFTs are there anyway?

I present promising NFT artists, collections & utilities, whom I select myself and from some of whom I have also acquired some works – mainly traded at OpenSea.

Some NFTs are not worth a dollar – I mean ETH, but they are witnesses to countless attempts by people to gain a foothold in the art market. Some NFTs are simply pleasing and can warm the heart of the (art) collector. Others are clear as an investment and speculative object.

Many have never seen art – even though art is in the eye of the beholder, many works are far from it. And then there are true gems that claim a rightful place in the world of NFT art for themselves unpretentious or with a lot of self-confidence. An exciting and often surprising environment.

My recommendations are of course purely subjective. Nevertheless, it is worth a look at all that and the art world has to offer.
Of course, I also present my own NFTs.
All in all, this website serves the community of values around the topic of NFT.

I’m happy to share my discoveries with you!

If you like... please understand what these #NFTs, #NFTutility "Get Something # of Garden Of Eden" can mean to you.

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NFT Get Something #008 from "Get Something Too" at Opensea


“Get Something Too” – an exciting collection at Opensea.

NFT Art can be so diverse!

There are very talented artists who are also making a name for themselves in the world of NFTs. And there are exciting personalities presenting sophisticated and attractive NFTs as utilities, trading cards and others to the world.

I had my first encounter with NFT art in 2019, and it wasn’t until April 2021 that I started producing NFTs myself. I show my work at Opensea and Foundation.
Over time, I discovered very talented fellow artists who either produce their work with a lot of love,  artistic skill or mix up the world of NFT with a clever idea.
The list is not complete and will be continuously expanded.